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High Performing Organisations

Sure, I see improvement in my teams performance after training. But it doesn’t seem to last, we slip back into old habits
I have a great team and they work really hard to achieve outcomes but I am worried they might burnout
We’re all so busy reacting to each other that we never seem to get time to work proactively or plan ahead

Corporate Training Sydney

Andrew May’s high performance corporate programs are designed to effect culture change from the top down. Starting with the Executive team who set the direction that is then cascaded down to the rest of the team.

Sustained Performance in 4 steps

1. Diagnosis of the issues

In medicine, prescription without diagnosis is considered malpractice. We believe the same holds true for corporate training. The first step in your program is to determine the performance status of participants. Using the individual and cumulative results from the completed Performance Diagnostics we identify your teams strengths and weakness and build a program accordingly.

2. Building knowledge

Andrew’s training modules deliver the knowledge and skills that individuals and teams need to achieve high performance for sustained periods of time. The content of the Knowledge modules are drawn from the Four Pillars of Performance – Psychology, Productivity, Health and Recovery.

Each knowledge module has supporting worksheets and resources that ensure the learning continues to be integrated into daily working life long after the program ends.

3. Developing a Blueprint for Performance

Drawing on the knowledge learnt in the previous sessions your team is now asked to develop a Performance Blueprint that outlines the behaviors that are integral to the success of the team.

High Performing teams have a clear understanding of what needs to be done and how each member of the team contributes to the overall success of the team. By developing a Blueprint for change you increase the transparency of expectations and create lasting accountability.

4. Creating Change

Overcoming resistance and winning support is a critical capability for senior leaders. Andrew’s Change modules provide program participants with the knowledge, tools and confidence to deliver change to the rest of the team.

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