Before completing coaching with Andrew May it was fair to say I was typical of many executives in banking and finance, filling my diary with back to back meetings and working ridiculous hours, 7 days a week. I was addicted to email and blackberry. As a result of Andrews coaching program I have been genuinely shocked by how much more productive I am. Definitely the biggest change though has been working smarter and getting through a lot more work in an average day. As a result I have time for a more fulfilling personal life. After seeing my own results I immediately contracted Andrew and his company to roll out an intensive behaviour and cultural change program across Bankwest. We have equated that the productivity improvements are saving the bank literally hundreds of thousands of dollars every year.
Mark Reid, Head of Business and Private Bank BankWest

I have spent years running back to back meetings often without creative and structured communication breaks - let alone applying real discipline to ensure the meetings are as effective as they could be. I think most people are guilty of this in large organisations.
After completing Andrew’s coaching program I realised I needed to change the way I approached performance and productivity. Andrew’s philosophy is that we need to build mental fitness, get rid of unnecessary distractions and allocate time, energy and resources toward recovering and recharging. Andrew’s programs have radically changed not only my habits and practices, but also that of Lend Lease as a whole. The improvements I have seen across the country have been extraordinary and can be attributed solely to Andrew’s corporate productivity and performance programs. I now achieve significantly more in my time allocated to work and as a result have a more enriched life outside of work
Maria Atkinson, Lend Lease

Coaching for High Performance

Do you want to be a high performer or continue to be a high performer in your career?
Do you want to achieve your professional goals without sacrificing your personal goals?
Do you want know how the best get better?

Executive Coaching Sydney

Andrew May’s executive coaching program is designed for CEO’s, Executives’ and future leaders. His intensive coaching solutions are built around the highly effective formula that lies at the heart of all of his programs, that achieving high performance requires an integrated approach to the way you think (psychology), the way you work (productivity), the way you eat and move (physiology), and the way you recharge (recovery).

Unlike other executive coaching programs, Andrew’s customised, science-based approach is designed to strategically help you sustain performance and become more productive under pressure. You will work side-by-side with Andrew May to develop specific performance rituals that support your personal and professional goals.

Programs designed with you in mind

Andrew’s approach to coaching requires you to be active in the design of your coaching journey. By completing an in-depth Performance Diagnostic he is able to determine which coaching modules are relevant to you achieving sustained high performance.

Programs vary in length from 4 to 12 coaching modules. Each module is delivered as a 60-minute coaching session.

Measurable Results

Before and after your program you are assessed on the 4 Pillars of Performance – Psychology, Productivity, Recovery and Physiology. The results (called your Performance Profile) are tangible measures used to demonstrate your progress.

A first for Performance Coaching

The pre and post coaching program for executive professionals results for clients in 2009/10 were evaluated by Dr Tom Buckley, a research academic at the University of Sydney and expert in measuring physiological stress and recovery. Measurements of physiological stress and recovery balance were scientifically evaluated in clients who completed the 12-week week performance coaching program:

  • On average, sleep time improved by 22%;
  • 24-hour Average heart rate and resting Heart Rate lowered by 8%;
  • 24-hour Heart Rate Variability increased by 7% demonstrating lower biological stress;
  • Measurements of physiological recovery time, during working hours, increased from an average 1 minute per day pre-program to 155 minutes post program.

What do these results mean for the average person?

These results demonstrate a significant reduction in 24-hour biological stress, and greater recovery resulting in significant improvements in sleep in participants who completed the 12-week program. Numerous large epidemiological studies have consistently reported a linear relationship between both average and resting heart rate with future cardiovascular risk. From these studies, the improvement observed in higher parasympathetic heart modulation, and subsequent reduced heart rate equate to a lowering of cardiovascular risk by approximately 15-20%. Additionally, research has demonstrated a linear relationship between reduced sleep and health risk, especially immune related diseases, making the improvements seen in our clients clinically significant and important in reducing the risk of sleep related health diseases. With over 60% of visits to General Practitioners today related to stress and sleep related disorders, our findings are novel in that not only did clients report lowers perceived psychological stress, but this was quantified scientifically using validated measurements of biological stress.

(This scientific evaluation was conducted by Dr Tom Buckley, who works as a research academic at the University of Sydney and was based on Andrew’s 12- week performance coaching program)

Performance Coaching Sydney



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