Business Mastermind

Build your business. Make more money. Stand out as an expert in your field.

Having the right coaches has propelled my business growth to much higher levels than I would have achieved going solo.

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Commit to significant business growth

Business Mastermind is a results-driven program built on a proven system to help coaches, authors, educators and trainers do 3 things:

  1. Make an additional 6 figures in revenue in 12 months
  2. Become a key influencer in your area of expertise
  3. Change your life and change the lives of your clients.

Business Mastermind, led by Andrew May, is a group coaching program to grow your business faster and more profitably with other high-performing entrepreneurs.

The most successful entrepreneurs don’t do it alone. Let’s face it. If you could get there alone, you’d already be there by now. Successful entrepreneurs have found the right people and the right teams
to support them and their business goals.

Having a coach will propel your business to greater heights than you could ever achieve doing it solo.

In Business Mastermind, you don’t just benefit from your work. You benefit from everybody’s work. Andrew and his team will help you come up with an easy-to-implement blueprint for long-term growth and success.

  • Are you serious about taking your business to an entirely new level?
  • Are you ready to stand out as an information expert and influencer?
  • Are you ready to leverage the knowledge and experience of some of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and business owners?

If you already have an established business and want to accelerate it to the next level, fast, this program is for you.

Qualification criteria

Business Mastermind is for ambitious, established, and coachable trainers, writers, educators, and speakers. There is a qualification process to join including an entrance interview before registration. Each entrepreneur must be committed to achieving the three objectives above and make over $250,000 in revenue from current business.

Results guaranteed

Business Masterclass is a significant investment. If you implement everything in the syllabus and you still don’t get a positive return on your investment, we will give you a refund. Andrew has built and sold several successful businesses. There are no so-called secrets. But there is a proven methodology, and we are confident it works.

The Format

Business Mastermind is a 12-month business growth accelerator that includes:

  • Quarterly half-day Mastermind workshops (x4)
  • Quarterly 90-minute to 2-hour group accountability session and check-in (x4)
  • 90-minute one on one coaching session at program commencement to set your strategy and an additional coaching session mid-way through the program
  • Access to a range of learning resources to help scale your business and make more money.

Are You Ready?

Being upfront, Business Mastermind is not cheap. And you are required to do the work every month, or you won’t get the results. I am committed to you achieving results, and I need you to be as well.

The first intake commences 1 July 2021 and there are limited spots available. The price is $12,000 + GST paid upfront or $15,000 payable with a $3,000 + GST establishment fee then $1,000 + GST paid
per month for 12 months.

Business Mastermind will teach you how to:

  • Make great money from being a speaker, author, coach, trainer, writer, podcaster and educator
  • Overcome limiting beliefs and achieve a new level of personal and professional success
  • Create captivating IP and new content
  • Position yourself as a domain expert/influencer
  • Clarify your aspirational vision, purpose, values, and behaviours
  • Become a highly paid knowledge broker and leverage the digital revolution
  • Boost productivity and lock in regular periods of deep work and reflection
  • Stay fit, healthy and fresh while running your own business/start-up/side hustle
  • Write attention-seeking blogs, articles, social media posts, white papers and books
  • Access the gig economy to design logos and branding, create presentations, drive social media content, manage admin and more
  • Design branding, marketing and social media strategies to propel your business
  • Set up administration systems and processes to make sure you stop chasing your tail
  • Take control of accounts and expenses
  • Leverage peer support to discuss what’s working, what’s not, and how to fix it, along with brainstorming with the group
  • Train the mindset needed to be a standout leader and entrepreneur in your chosen field

Why work with Andrew?

Andrew will take you through how he:

  • Built two companies from the ground up and sold them to ACCOR and KPMG
  • Created a global keynote speaking business, averaging 40 to 50 keynotes a year
  • Coaches CEO’s and top performers in business, sport and entertainment
  • Builds trust and long-lasting relationships with executive clients and CEO’s
  • Achieved more than 75,000 sales for his latest book, MatchFit,
  • Adapts different book publishing models and deciding the right approach for you
  • Developed a digital wellbeing platform used by organisations across the globe
  • Secures regular media appearances to broadcast to the masses
  • Taps into the creative process to come up with new ideas, products and programs
  • Creates information products specific to wellbeing, productivity and leadership
  • Builds his team and businesses based on a set of values and guiding principles
  • Outsources to achieve high-quality work at affordable prices
  • Has partnered with organisations to launch successful podcasts