The world’s best athletes have a coach. And so too do many of the world’s best leaders, entrepreneurs and high performers. Andrew is coach and confidante to a number of Asia Pacific’s leading CEO’s and executives, elite athletes and performing artists. He is the Mental Skills Coach for the Parramatta Eels NRL Club.

Coaching Philosophy

Andrew’s approach combines evidence-based coaching psychology with his personal guiding principles, forged working with performers at the top of their game for 25 years.

Andrew’s approach blends degrees in Exercise Physiology (the body), with a Masters in Coaching Psychology (the brain) and exploring a PHD in mental skills and performance psychology; experience working with national sporting teams and Olympic athletes; the highs and the lows of being an entrepreneur for more than two decades; working around the world as a Partner with global consulting firm KPMG; and the latest research and cutting-edge science on human performance, neuroscience and healthy ageing from StriveStronger’s Research Institute.

My guiding principles help potential clients decide whether I am the right coach for them; and help clarify whether they are the right coaching client for me.

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Guiding Principles

1. The Transformational Power Of Coaching.

“I discovered the power of coaching as a twelve year old, joining a running squad and winning my first state title. At fourteen I started coaching at the Dubbo Little Athletics Association and my love of coaching led to studying a degree in Sports Coaching and Exercise Physiology. I have worked around the world as a strength and conditioning coach and continue to work at the pointy end of elite sport as a mental skills coach. Coaching changed the shape of my life from a young age and continues to impact everything that I do.”

2. Get the Right Fit.

Before starting a coaching program, it is important to have an initial briefing and needs analysis to:

  • Clarify exactly what you want to achieve
  • Determine whether Andrew is the right coach for you
  • Understand whether you are the right client for Andrew

“I don’t have coaching revenue targets. I coach because I enjoy coaching and I coach people committed to reaching their potential.”

3. Keep It In the vault.

Andrew adheres to a Coaching Psychology Code of Ethics with all client information remaining confidential. He coaches a number of high-profile athletes, CEO’s, entrepreneurs and entertainers and only shares information from pre-approved case studies.

We can arrange an NDA for public figures and high-profile clients.

4. Permission to Sack Each Other.

Andrew is not here to join you for conversations over cups of tea and sticky buns. If he feels more committed to achieving your goals than you are, game over!

This goes both ways. If you feel Andrew is not doing all he can to achieve a result or transformation with you, you have permission to wrap up the coaching relationship.

5. Hard Fun.

This oxymoron is an important differentiator. To get the results, you need to do the work, and doing the work is hard.

“I disapprove of the word ‘hack’ as it implies you get profound change from fast, simple strategies. In the majority of cases that is just not true. To get the results you have to do the work. Hard work.”

What about the fun bit? Andrew aims to bring enthusiasm, energy and a playfulness (when appropriate) to all coaching consignments. Nothing brings him greater joy than seeing a client achieve their goals and flourish in all parts of life.

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