The most comprehensive human performance program available in Asia Pacific

Human Performance Academy

Human Performance Academy is a science-based curriculum built on the quest to discover what underpins optimal human performance. Over the past 15 years Andrew May and Dr Tom Buckley have assessed over 10,000 people from multiple industries in their Human Performance Lab.

Human Performance Academy is built upon this intelligence combined with a blend of Andrew’s experience as an elite athlete and performance coach of Olympic athletes and national sporting teams; studying the body and brain and exploring a PHD in performance psychology; and delivering presentations and corporate programs for hundreds of thousands of individuals around the word. Added to this is Dr Tom Buckley’s 25 years-experience working in ICU and leading global research projects on the impacts of stress on the body and brain

Human Performance Academy Includes:

  • Pre-event assessments including MatchFit Calculator, Body Clock Calculator, 360 Feedback Report and HPA Readiness Questionnaire
  • A signed copy of Andrew’s best-selling book, MatchFit
  • Attendance to the Human Performance Academy program, live-streamed, or watch sessions on-demand
  • 90 days access to iStrive online subscription

Human Performance Academy Will Help You Understand:

  • Exactly where you score right now based on scientific measures of Body and Brain
  • How our bodies and brains change as we progress through the decades
  • How to tap into the fountain of youth and keep your body and brain younger, longer
  • Performance Moments and how to control physical and psychological state
  • How to use wearable technology to improve productivity and performance
  • Why daily movement is so important to stimulate mitochondria and energy
  • How to train smarter and achieve fitness results
  • The impact of alcohol, sugar and caffeine on sleep and fatigue
  • The benefits of Intermittent Fasting and why your approach needs to be personalised
  • The latest science on sleep and how to improve sleep hygiene and quality of sleep
  • Recovery helps you think clearer and enhances emotional regulation (compassion)
  • Learn about sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and why training Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is so important to be a peak performer
  • Neuroscience techniques to help you develop new habits
  • Performance psychology tactics to sharpen focus and get you into flow more often
  • The benefits of a Beginners Mind and how this underpins lifelong learning
  • What it means to have a Growth Mindset and how to harness this
  • The importance of having a clearly articulated personal purpose
  • The science of behaviour change and how to dramatically increase success
  • The construct of a Better Week to build accountability and embed new habits