A fully functioning human performance testing lab and Research Institute.

The Human Performance Lab (HPL) includes an internal Human Performance Incubator and Performance Assessment and Coaching Practice

The Human Performance Lab (HPL) is where Andrew, Dr Tom Buckley and a range of experts tinker, trial and toil – until they get it right – before rolling out to executive clients or including in corporate, public and online programs.

From nutrition principles including metabolic flexibility, ketosis, intermittent fasting and chasing the Holy Grail (losing fat and building muscle); to physical activity challenges like swimming the English Channel, running the North Face 100 or Seasonal Fitness; strategic recovery techniques including cold water therapy, cryotherapy and, yoga; through to sensory deprivation chambers and neurofeedback to alter physical and psychological state to induce flow and accelerate learning.

The Human Performance Lab is where we also conduct a range of evidence-based assessments for executives and senior leaders, people leaders and employees, including:

  • Human Performance Assessment (HPA)
  • MatchFit Calculator (MFC)
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA)