Coaching leaders to flourish in the new world of work.

quoteLeadership has never been more challenging. Consumer trust is at an all-time low and COVID-19 has thrown the world on its head, radically changing the way we work and interact. Leaders cast large shadows and impact much more than revenue and profitability; they impact behaviours, emotions, and people’s lives. Great leaders find a balance between being caring and compassionate and being driven and directive.

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Leadership is hard. Whether you are the CEO of a publicly listed company, part of the executive leadership team, in charge of a large division or running your own business – leadership requires a specialised set of skills.

LeaderFit is a curriculum built upon evidence-based disciplines including science, medicine, performance psychology, neuroscience, workplace productivity and digital learning. Combined with decades of experience working in elite sport, the military and the pointy end of the corporate world. Education content is categorised into Leadership Capacity, the ability to manage physical, psychological, emotional and environmental state; and Leadership Capability, skills training specific to positively influencing others.

LeaderFit Delivers

Psychological fitness and resilience

Coaching psychology framework to accelerate learning

Physical wellbeing and energy

Camaraderie and trust

Increased productivity

Enhanced adaptive capacity

Improved cognitive capacity and decision making

Healthy company culture and team engagement

LeaderFit Leadership Coaching


By Andrew May

Coaching leaders to flourish in the new world of work (NWW).