Energise and engage your leadership team; set clear pathways for business and people strategy; reward and recognise;
and provide an opportunity to build trust, team morale and have some fun at your next event.

The Problem with Many Offsites

Allow me to be blunt for a moment. We’ve all been to offsite strategy meetings that were expensive, time-consuming, poorly planned and delivered little towards the people or business strategy. But it doesn’t have to be like this.

A Fresh Approach

After presenting at hundreds of conferences around the globe and delivering multiple Leadership Offsites, Andrew has created a framework to help transform your next leadership offsite into an immersive experience .

Leadership Offsite Model

Embed learning and inspire lasting change with pre-event diagnostics, Human Performance Assessments (HPAx), healthy food choices, energy/brain breaks, morning wake-up sessions, Coaching Packs, premium online courses, iStrive subscription and bespoke digital platforms.

Leadership Offsite Model
Leadership Offsite Model

Leadership Offsites Brochure

A fresh approach to leading your team offsite.