Highly engaging, informative and entertaining public and private podcasts.

We are excited to offer podcasts that improve business performance, productivity and overall wellbeing. We also have private podcasts for organisations who recognise the power of audio to connect with employees.

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Tune in to engaging conversations with world-class performers in sport, business, entertainment, science, coaching, wellbeing, neuroscience and psychology. Listen anywhere, anytime, on any device.

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Based on Andrew’s obsession to uncover the latest breakthroughs in human performance, productivity and leadership. Listen to conversations with world-class performers in sport, entertainment, science, education, the arts, military and business. It’s like having your very own on-demand performance coach.

Planned for Q4 2021

Public Private Podcasts

Private Company

A popular way to provide efficient and timely updates on the latest internal news, support internal wellbeing initiatives, broadcast safety content and deliver engaging messages from high profile guests and company leaders. We have experience creating private podcasts for large organisations.

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5 Podcast Facts

  1. Podcast listening is growing at an annual rate of 23% and Australia is growing faster than any other country
  2. Australian podcasting revenue is tipped to grow by 62% in the next 12 months
  3. Regular podcast listeners consume an average of 7 different shows a week
  4. Private company podcasts are tipped to triple in the next 12 months
  5. 85% of podcasts in Australia are listened to on mobile devices