MatchFit Mini-Library


Strength training is for everyone.

Strength training is important to build and maintain muscle growth, it is also important to maintain bone density. Research has also shown that strength training reduces anxiety. Here’s some strength training videos to help you get started.


Stretching helps maintain mobility.

Stretching is important before and after exercise to prevent injury. It is also important to maintain flexibility which is required for ease of movement as we age.


Maintaining balance helps prevent injuries

Maintaining balance is important for everyday movements, and to ensure you’re moving confidently whether it be in your favourite sports, chasing your kids or hiking through the mountains. Balance is something that can also be improved with practice.


Having the right nutrition is not just good for the body, but it’s good for your brain.

Nutrition can be an overloaded topic. However, to keep it simple it’s about adding more healthy macro and micro nutrients in your diet rather than being restrictive. Here’s some healthy recipes to get you started.

Performance Psychology

The brain can be trained.

The brain is adaptive and neuroscience has shown that we develop new connections everyday. What this means is that your brain can be changed, it all starts by developing a Growth Mindset.

Recovery Wardrobe

 Recovery is essential.

Athlete’s have recovery periods but did you know it is also essential that you have down time to allow your body to heal and re-energise to ensure that you are operating at your optimum best. Here are some recovery exercises to help you unwind and relax.