Unleash your full potential, future proof your career and enhance Performance Intelligence (PQ).

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching is a proven way of enhancing physical and psychological wellbeing, boosting productivity and career advancement and maximising leadership impact. Coaching requires a trusted, personal relationship. Andrew has a Performance Coaching interview process to ensure that he is the right coach for you, and that you are the right coaching client for him. Performance Coaching options include; ACCELERATE, DRIVEN, and BESPOKE.


ACCELERATE is a 3 to 4-month intensive program focusing on physical and psychological wellbeing, productivity and leadership capacity. An exclusive offering only available to 15 executives, people leaders or business owners each year. No two programs are the same.

Outcomes and learnings include:

  • Improved ability to manage energy levels and sustain performance
  • Improved productivity, focus and attention
  • Enhanced personal and team Operating Rhythm
  • Healthier eating and weight loss/management
  • Neurofeedback Coaching to understand how to alter brain waves to achieve flow state
  • Performance Psychology techniques including relaxation training, imagery, visualisation, breathing, self-talk/affirmations, goal setting and pre-performance routines
  • Enhanced restorative sleep and recovery routines
  • Routines to improve travel health and ability to manage jet lag
  • Improved Leadership Capacity (Time, Energy and Attention)

Prices for ACCELERATE start from $15,000 + GST.

“Part of it is the opportunity to go through processes like this where you actually reflect and examine how you are operating because it is very easy to build patterns over long times which you think then become your success formula.”

- Shelley Roberts

Compass Group Australia

Managing Director


DRIVEN is Andrew’s premium 12-month coaching offering and focuses on Performance Accelerators and tapping into the Fountain of Youth. The pre-requisite for enrolling in DRIVEN is graduating from ACCELERATE or participating in a StriveStronger leadership or workplace performance program.

Outcomes and learnings include:

  • Unleash your full potential/master your craft
  • Master state (physical, psychological, emotional and environmental)
  • Have a trusted confidante and sounding board for career progression
  • Be challenged to be the best you can be
  • Ensure you don’t get stuck in a plateau
  • Tap into the fountain of youth and stay younger for longer
  • Stay connected in your personal life
  • Apply the latest strategies to optimise brain performance

Prices for DRIVEN start from $7,000 + GST.


BESPOKE coaching is designed for shorter, more targeted consignments. Examples include sharpening personal messages and vision to prepare for a job interview; speaking skills/coaching for an important presentation; making the transition from communicating in a physical world to engaging in a virtual world; or understanding how to deal with difficult personalities in the workplace.

Prices for BESPOKE vary between $5,000 and $10,000 + GST
(dependent on nature of the consignment).

“The first move was really for me to get deep insights from yourself and that was about four months before the royal commission but the insights I took around how was I going to plan for that moment.”

- Michael Wright

BT Financial Advice

General Manager