A podcast about all things human performance. Listen in as Andrew May explores the latest and greatest in human performance with an all-star cast of subject matter experts covering wellbeing, psychology, business, leadership, sport, entertainment and science. Learn valuable lessons that can be applied to optimising your personal and professional life.

Episodes include 3 main categories:
1. Inspiring interviews with high performers from a range of fields including sport, business, entrepreneurs, the military, science and performing arts.
2. The Science of…. Where Andrew pulls on a thread and does a deep dive on a specific topic with world-class domain experts.
3. Reflections from Andrew and members of the StriveStronger team.

#30 The Science of Fasting – Paul Taylor

The Science of Fasting Fasting is a highly effective mechanism to lose weight, lower insulin levels, increase growth hormone, aid cellular repair, reduce inflammation, enhance heart health and boost brain…