Andrew May is recognised as one of Australia’s leading speakers on human performance, resilience and leadership.

Why Book Andrew

For the past 15 years Andrew May has been speaking on stages around the world, and during the past 12 months, delivering engaging virtual presentations.

From a shed in the outback; to shedding myths about productivity in large conference centres.

From graduate recruit days welcoming new employees; to presenting at CEO forums and challenging outdated leadership frameworks.

From high energy, entertaining post-lunch digital keynotes; to highly moving, seriously impactful Leadership Offsites that change people’s lives.

Andrew has the ability to connect with audiences like very few speakers can. He has a special talent blending science (psychology, physiology, neuroscience); and practical experience working in the worlds of high-performance, sport and business.

Booking Andrew is as Easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Choose Delivery Mode

COVID-19 has disrupted the way we work, forever. Organisations however still need to train, motivate and engage their people. Andrew has adapted his speaking business to include the following options:

  • Virtual Keynotes – live-streamed to employees and made available on-demand
  • Live Keynotes – abiding by the ever-changing COVID-19 government guidelines
  • Hybrid Presentations – blended approach of smaller live audiences with live streaming

Step 2: Select Keynote Topic

Andrew’s vast experience in sport, education, business and life positions him to speak about physical and psychological wellbeing; mental skills training; resilience, neuroscience, and mental health; productivity and new ways of working; future proofing your career/business; entrepreneurial spirit and small business; coaching and sales; teamwork, trust and leadership.

Or you can simply choose one of Andrew’s most popular keynotes:

Step 3: Tailoring and Add-Ons

Andrew and his support team will partner with you/your preferred PCO/speakers bureau to ensure your next event is a raging success. This includes: