A fresh approach to leading your team offsite.

Conference Experiences

For the past 15 years Andrew has been working closely with CEO’s and business leaders to plan, facilitate and implement successful Conference Experiences and Leadership Offsites. We’ve learned what works and experienced what doesn’t. Amplify the keynote message with an integrated experience that integrates physical and psychological wellbeing, embeds transformation and change, and demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to looking after employees. A well thought out Conference Experience provides an opportunity to enhance relationships, allows space to reflect, rewards and recognises, builds trust, lifts engagement and have some much-needed fun. Whether you are leading a small executive team, a board, or a larger division, let’s talk about how we can make your next offsite memorable. Partnering together, Andrew and his team tailor Conference Experience themes to suit your budget, operating rhythm, and align with the business and people strategy. Embed learning and inspire lasting change with prevent online assessments, healthy food choices, energy breaks, morning wake-up sessions, breakout workshops, books, Coaching Packs, premium online courses and the innovative iStrive digital platform.