Creating winning teams through embedding mental skills training into team culture.

quoteThe biggest differentiator between great performers and okay performers is the ability to manage stress under pressure.

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Mental Skills Training

In elite sport, it is widely recognised there are three things you can train*:

  1. Your Craft (training and competition)
  2. Your Body (strength and conditioning, recovery, nutrition)
  3. Your Mind (the inner game)

Traditional team programs work on ‘the outer game’ which is skills training, competition, strength and conditioning. The inner game is all about the mind – training to consistently perform under high pressure situations. Just like putting a program together to train the body to be healthy, fit, flexible and strong; we can do exactly the same for the mind.

*Michael Gervais, Sport Psychologist.

Mental Skills Supports Players to:

  • Stay calm, focused and improve decision making under pressure
  • Concentrate and pay attention in big moments
  • Manage nerves before big games/competitions
  • Manage the inner voice and adopt the concept of neutral thinking
  • Keep teammates on track during/after big moments
  • Reset and refocus after setbacks
  • Create pre-performance and on-field routines
  • Balance life outside of sport
  • Develop an identity outside of ‘just being an athlete’
  • Enhance confidence and improve consistency

Mental Skills Training Supports Coaches to:

  • Manage their energy and emotions throughout the season
  • Link performance-based language across all parts of the program
  • Influence players to train mental skills and perform under pressure
  • Bring everything back to focusing on what players can control
  • Live and breathe a leader-led approach

Andrew’s method uses normal language that sporting teams and coaching staff can understand and implement. This is underpinned by an evidence-based framework drawing up on the latest neuroscience, behaviour change and performance psychology he teaches in the Mental Skills Academy.

Best-practice mental skills programs work across 3 levels:

  1. Coach education and support (Leader-Led)
  2. Player group education and one on one sessions (Reps and Sets)
  3. Digital education platform for coaches/players development pathways (Digital Distribution)