Andrew and his support team will work with you to ensure your next event is a raging success. Below you will find photos and bios to use in promotional material; introductions for the positioning of Andrew’s presentations; logistics including room set up for live events and checklists for virtual presentations.


Live Presentations:

Please ensure that your facilities have the following equipment:

  1. LCD Projector with Keynote presentation capability
  2. Audio jack to plug into Andrew’s laptop and/or mobile phone (for audio)
  3. Lapel microphone with fresh batteries
  4. For large audiences intending to have Q&A – at least one handheld wireless microphone
  5. Wireless presenter (we recommend Logitech Wireless Presenter)

Virtual Presentations:

Andrew and his team have built a world-class production studio with 3 camera shoot, digital whiteboards, studio lighting, professional microphones and green screen to create a truly immersive virtual presentation experience. We do a technical check 48 hours before the virtual presentation to ensure the platform works seamlessly and iron out any bugs, glitches or tech idiosyncrasies. We have experience delivering webinars on a range of platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Google Hangouts, Demio, LiveU Demio, Webex, and SAP.

Andrew has a dedicated in-house dedicated producer for all digital presentations to focus on production quality, polls, questionaries, downloads and interactivity.