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Andrew’s Most Popular Keynotes


Boost energy, enhance physical and psychological wellbeing and live on purpose.

MatchFit is being able to play and compete at a consistently high level and continue performing at your best in an ever-changing environment. It is also about negating the biological decline of the body and brain post 40 years of age. There has never been a more important to be physically and psychologically MatchFit. Businesses are increasingly aware of the critical importance of employee health and sustained business performance. Maintaining cardiorespiratory fitness, sustaining energy, boosting immunity and focusing on mental wellbeing is imperative. Andrew outlines 6 Levers (Move, Fuel, Recharge, Think, Connect and Play) that help restore energy; build resilience and optimise productivity and performance in work and life.

Physical & Psychological Wellbeing. Flourishing. Human Performance. Longevity. Energy.

Burnout Proof

Implement 5 proven factors that inoculate you against burning out.

Proactive organisations are placing more awareness on the signs and symptoms of burnout, what causes it and how to avoid it. At its core, burnout occurs when the demands of a job outweigh a person’s ability to cope with the pressure. Our biology has not been designed for extended periods without respite or recovery. Humans work to the same rhythms of nature as other living creatures. Inherent in each of these rhythms is an expansion and contraction, a rise and fall, an energy and an idleness.

COVID lockdowns on top of recent bushfires, droughts, royal commissions, economic challenges and the perpetual connectivity of technology have disrupted these rhythms. There has been no downtime or relief from the pressure and pace of our lives. Andrew outlines 5 evidence-based factors providing inoculation against burnout including Purpose Alignment, Restorative Sleep, Active Recovery, Physiological Capacity and Social Connectedness.

Burnout. Workload. Stress Management. Pressure. Recovery. Recharge. Adaptation. Culture.

Mental Skills & Survival of the Fittest

Adopt a growth mindset, embrace struggle and increase psychological resilience.

Survival of the fittest is all about pushing through challenging times and coming out stronger. It is about embracing change and stepping out of your comfort zone, persevering in the face of rejection and overcoming obstacles in life. Neuroscience, the scientific study of the nervous system and brain, shows our brains are malleable and can grow, learn and develop throughout our lives if provided with the right nutrients and stimulation. Even when under extreme levels of pressure. Content is drawn from Andrew and Dr Nicola Gates’ Mental Skills Academy, a ground-breaking program based on neuroscience and performance psychology, exploring what it takes to perform under pressure and achieve optimal human performance. Just like putting a fitness program together to train the body to be healthy, fit, flexible and strong; we can do exactly the same for your brain.

Resilience. Mental Health. Grit. Change. Mental Skills. Psychology. Post-Traumatic Growth.

High Performance Reset

Recharge, refresh and recalibrate after a crazy 18 months and fire up for the year ahead.

Research combined with the opportunity of working with world-class performers in sport, business, science, education and the military for two decades shows success leaves clues. High performing individuals and winning teams display similar characteristics.

In this thought provoking presentation, Andrew explores 5 universal elements that underpin high performance in the workplace including energy management and sustainability (not burning out); constant learning and adapting to change (growth mindset); emotional regulation and staying calm (keeping your shiz together); creating a psychologically safe environment and building trust (relationships, belonging and inclusion) and psychological flexibility (mental skills training to optimise psychological performance).

High Performing Teams. Resilience. Growth. Courage. Relationships. Trust. Leadership.

Work. Upside Down

The Great Realignment redefining our relationship to and our definition of work.

Reports indicate 40% of the global workforce is looking to resign. We don’t buy into the hype! Let’s reframe as The Great Realignment – where proactive employers change the narrative and recalibrate to be more aligned, purpose-driven and include a compelling employee value proposition (EVP). COVID-19 has been the shakeout causing people to revaluate all parts of their life and is starts with work. Employees around the world are questioning:

  • What is work all about? (Redefining the definition of work).
  • Why is work important and what meaning do I receive from work? (Purpose)
  • How, when, and where do I want to work in the future? (New Ways of Working)

We need to establish new operating rhythms that incorporate a hybrid of WFH, WFA (Working From Anywhere), and being in the workplace. Companies need to adopt flexible ways of thinking and working; provide support in redefining personal productivity; and create psychologically safe environments for employees to flourish.

Productivity. Future of Work. Hybrid. WFH. Great Resignation. Purpose. Engagement.

Leading With Optimism

Embrace constant change and lead with optimism, positivity and clarity.

Leaders cast large shadows. Attitudes are contagious and constant negativity permeates throughout an organisation and is demotivating, putting the brakes on creativity and productivity.

Leadership requires a specialised set of skills to navigate VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity). Agility, innovation, foresight, emotional intelligence, focus, concentration, large amounts of energy, the ability to attract and keep talent, discipline, ambition, visionary thinking, a global perspective and connecting with and empowering others are essential skills for leaders and progressive teams.

Our brains are malleable and can grow, learn, develop and lead by harnessing the power of neuroplasticity. However, brain and cognitive reserve don’t develop in a vacuum: the process requires stimulation through constant learning and adaptation, along with the essential building blocks of exercise, good sleep and proper nutrition.

Leadership. Change. Optimism. Mental Skills. Psychological Safety. Trust. Culture.

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By Andrew May

Leading speaker on human performance, resilience, and leadership.