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Andrew’s Most Popular Keynotes


How to get your body and brain fit for work and fit for life.

It has never been more important to be physically and psychologically MatchFit. Maintaining fitness and a healthy body weight are critical to wellbeing and improving immune health. Combining the latest performance science and twenty years of experience, Andrew outlines the 6 Levers (Move, Fuel, Recharge, Think, Connect and Play) that help you better manage your diary and plan for what is important; build ability to cope with pressure and have more resilience; and support you in improving health and fitness levels.



How to adopt a growth mindset, harness passion and increase psychological resilience.

To strive is to make great effort to achieve a goal, to embrace change and step out of your comfort zone. It is about persevering in the face of rejection and struggling to overcome an obstacle. Happiness and fulfilment in life doesn’t come from having things easy, it comes from overcoming challenges, creating a sense of pride, building new capabilities and creating new opportunities. Explore the latest neuroscience supporting you to flourish during constant change and uncertainty.


New Ways of Working

How to train agility, boost productivity and work from anywhere (WFA).

To thrive in the post-COVID world we need to be agile and adapt to a hybrid of WFA, WFH and transitioning back to the workplace. Companies need to plan for intermittent disruption and adopt different and more flexible ways of thinking and working; provide support in redefining personal and team operating rhythms; and creating a psychologically safe environment for employees to flourish. Old business models won’t work. Old leadership styles won’t be tolerated. And slow-moving industries will become extinct


Leading With Optimism

How to lead with optimism, positivity and clarity.

Despite the constant changes, fear and uncertainty businesses are facing, it is more important than ever to lead with optimism. Leaders cast long shadows and impact much more than just revenue and profitability. Leaders impact behaviours, emotions, even lives. Leaders cast the shape of their company, its culture and ability to cope. Cognitive reserve and optimism don’t develop in a vacuum: the process requires continual learning and adaptation. Optimism and having a positive view of the future can be trained.



With the recent upheaval in the way we work and live, there has never been a more important time or a bigger opportunity to rise up and be bold. Being bold and courageous is not something we are born with; you can cultivate it. Bold leaders and bold organisations take action, live authentically, embrace technology and disruption, build accountability and tracking results. Explore what it means to be bold and why nurturing a ‘bold and courageous culture’ is going to be a major competitive advantage in the new world of work.


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By Andrew May

Leading speaker on human performance, resilience, and leadership.