Premium online programs and life-changing courses.

Life changing Courses

Due to increased demand requesting content and IP from Andrew’s keynotes; performance coaching; human performance, productivity and leadership programs be made available to a broader market, Andrew is launching a range of online courses and programs.

Life changing Courses

6 Week Shred (6WS)

Fast-track fat loss, improve confidence and boost energy levels.

6WS is a structured 6-week online program that acts as your personal weight management and energy boosting coach.

6WS Program Summary:

  • A six-week online fat loss program with community and group coaching support
  • Pre and post 6WS Assessment and Weekly Check In to track results and build accountability
  • Pre-Season to get your kitchen, your cupboards, your fridge, your diary, your body and your brain ready for success
  • Weekly Meal Plans and a range of tasty, nutritious meals that you can prepare in 15 minutes or less
  • Thorough understanding of what it takes to strip fat and keep it off
  • Learn how to enhance brain function, boost energy and mitochondrial density, and improve sleep, recovery and hormone function
  • Questions answered online by StriveStronger Performance Coaches
  • Each week you unlock a series of video tutorials, articles, podcasts, supporting research and activities to focus on for the week
  • An integrated multi-media platform built by experts in learning and behaviour change

Guaranteed Results*

People who complete 6WS:

  • Reduce body weight by 4kg
  • Reduce waist circumference by at least 4cm
  • Embed nutrition and lifestyle habits, forever
*Requires 80% participation. Meaning, you follow the program, you achieve the results! We recommend allocating 30 to 45 minutes each week to learn content and complete tasks

MatchFit Kickstarter

4-week online program to get you in the best shape of your life.

MatchFit Kickstarter is like having Andrew May and his team of world-class experts as your personal coach.

Life changing Courses

Perfect Accompaniment to MatchFit Book

Based on the best-selling book, MatchFit, this 4-week online program coaches you to put the MatchFit principles into practice and MOVE, FUEL, RECHARGE, THINK, PLAY and CONNECT like a high performer.

Powered by Science

Andrew and the StriveStronger team sought out global experts in medical science, sleep, genetics, ageing, sports science, exercise physiology, elite sport, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, technology and computer science, leadership and workplace productivity to put this program together.

Diverse Learning Experience

MatchFit Kickstarter is designed to embrace diversity in learning styles. Each week you unlock videos to WATCH, articles to READ, podcasts to LISTEN to and specific tasks to DO.

MatchFit Calculator

MatchFit Calculator is an evidence-based, online assessment tool that provides you with an overall MatchFit Score; a specific breakdown for your Body and Brain; and a personalised report covering five science-based metrics including Biological Age, Brain Fitness, Stress & Recovery Index, Nutrition Barometer and Physical Activity Index.

Program Summary

  • A four-week online self-guided program
  • Outcome-driven, evidence-based content embedded in principles of coaching psychology and behaviour change
  • Comprehensive MatchFit Library with videos and PDF downloads incorporating exercise sessions, healthy recipes, recovery activities and performance psychology
  • Each week you unlock a series of articles, podcasts, video tutorials, supporting research and activities to focus on for the week

At The Completion of MatchFit Kickstarter You Will Understand:

  • Exactly where you score right now in both Body and Brain
  • How our bodies and brains change as we progress through the decades
  • What to do to keep your body and brain younger for longer
  • The concept of Performance Moments and how to control physical and psychological state
  • Why daily movement is so important for energy and to stimulate mitochondria
  • Exercise intensity, training heart rate and the 5 different types of fitness training
  • How to make fitness training playful and fun
  • The latest nutrition science and how sugar does a lot more damage to your health than fat
  • Why it is so important to fall in love with the kitchen and learn about food preparation
  • Recovery helps you think clearer, enhances emotional regulation (compassion) and improves energy levels
  • Learn about the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system
  • The importance of improving sleep hygiene and how much sleep you need
  • Breathing techniques to help you shift physical state
  • How to start with creating a better day, then build upon this to create a better week
  • The plan is to make each week a little better, not perfect
  • Building accountability through your diary is the key to lasting change
  • The languishing/flourishing concept and where you sit
  • How to spark the brain and not get into the rut of doing the same thing over and over
  • Specific skills to help psychological performance including imagery, goal setting, visualisation, and positive self-talk
  • The importance of having a clearly defined personal purpose and how to discover this
  • The myriad of benefits from being connected to a community
  • How regular doses of nature are essential for physical and psychological wellbeing
  • Why so many adults lose their sense of play and stop having fun
  • Playfulness, laughter and fun keep us healthy, happy and young at heart
  • Play stimulates learning and can also provide the backbone for loving, connected relationships
  • How to dramatically boost energy levels
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