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Andrew is a thought-provoking media talent with an engaging, lively and energetic style. He has a regular segment on ABC News Breakfast, hosts the popular Business Fit Podcast, writes best-selling books and is one of Australia’s leading corporate speakers.

Andrew’s commentary covers human performance; productivity and new ways of working; performance psychology and mental skills training; physical and psychological wellbeing; mental health and resilience; small business and entrepreneurial spirit; leadership, coaching and workplace culture.

As one of Australia’s most respected human performance and leadership experts, Andrew is available to partner with aligned brands and businesses for media and PR campaigns. Specific media examples include:

11 February 2021

It’s 2021 and never before have so many people in society been asked (or forced) to continue to work from home. From a physiological perspective this is a social experiment on the grandest scale, writes Andrew May.

09 February 2021

At the best of times,  running a small business is hard work. Being the CEO, CFO, CIO, IT specialist, administrator and HR manager can feel relentless and exhausting.

29 January 2021

Resilient and agile as they are, the past year has taken a huge toll on the 2.3 million small businesses in Australia, with two thirds (66 per cent) admitting the pandemic has impacted  mental wellbeing. With the everyday pressures of running a business exacerbated by the pandemic, it is vital to manage stress.

29 January 2021

People tend to shy away from hard feelings. And why wouldn’t we? After all it’s part of our survival instinct to avoid pain and suffering.

MatchFit Book Media

MatchFit resonated with people across all forms of media on a large-scale.

MatchFit has received a plethora of media coverage including television interviews; newspapers, magazines and online publications; radio interviews and longer form podcast discussions.

Without Your Mental Health There Is No Health – Optimising Our Brains and Body’s - With Andrew May | #001

How to get Matchfit in 2020: Andrew May

How to get Matchfit in 2020: Andrew May

The Character Test For Success

NAB Business Fit Media

Andrew’s business, StriveStronger, recently powered a program for NAB supporting Australian small business owners through COVID-19 with specific content on physical wellbeing, psychological resilience and adapting to new ways of working.

The Business Fit content now sits on the broader NAB Small Business Hub. The brand awareness NAB received via media coverage on television, radio, podcasts, newspapers, magazines and digital has been phenomenal.

The Business Fit Podcast was so popular it now exists as its own standalone product.

10 March 2021

Would you consider yourself a mentally tough person? Maybe you’ve never had a chance to find out how well you can perform when you’re faced with adversity. Well, now your chance has come.

8 March 2021

The way many small businesses operate is fast evolving. The pandemic has sped up the adoption of digital technologies and, according to research by McKinsey, transformed business forever.

1 March 2021

The past year has not only challenged everyone and brought many businesses to their knees, it has transformed the marketplace. For businesses to successfully adapt and perform under this sustained pressure, we need more than resilient individuals. We need resilient teams, writes Andrew May is founder and CEO of StriveStronger.

February 2021 featured Lisa Messenger, NAB Business Fit’s recent keynote speaker in their latest article talking about her personal experience in battling the possibility of losing her business and finding purpose. Read it here.

23 February 2021

Unless you work in a physically demanding job – say as a personal trainer, a landscaper, a labourer or a firefighter – your physical health is pretty irrelevant, at least as far as work goes, right? asks Andrew May is founder and CEO of StriveStronger.

13 February 2021

A healthy and fully functioning immune system is vital to running a business. It recognises and combats threats, like bacteria and viruses including the COVID-19 virus and maintains health during times of increased stress.

9 February 2021

For many small businesses right now, their people are at high risk of getting sick, and I’m not referring to catching coronavirus. It’s the type of sickness you get when your immune system is run down and when you finally do slow down, your body has a way of balancing everything out by forcing you to rest and take it easy.

2 February 2021

Angela Poon, StriveStronger Operations Director was featured in the women’s agenda as she narrates in this article how she stepped out of her comfort zone and successfully defy the odds as she left her 9 to 5 job. In this article, we can also read how her family brave the storms and managed to build their growing small family business and the lessons she learned in joining a startup. Read the article here.

February 2021

Australian Institute of Company Directors published their February magazine edition and featured NAB Business Fit which is powered by StriveStronger and hosted by Andrew May as one of the top podcasts in Australia talking about Lessons for SMEs. Read it here.

18 January 2021

Fitness business operators can strengthen their personal and commercial resilience by adopting some simple strategies writes workplace performance and wellbeing specialist Andrew May.

15 January 2021

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Australian industry. Accounting for nearly 98 per cent of businesses in the country, they fuel our economy and, spanning every sector and demographic , they employ about five million Australians, writes Andrew May, human performance strategist, CEO of StriveStronger and host of the NAB Business Fit Podcast.

January 2021 created a series of articles in partnership with NAB Business Fit, a health and wellbeing program initiated by NAB and StriveStronger to help business owners. For today’s article, they interviewed Andrew May, founder of StriveStronger and the strategist and host of nab Business Fit podcast and Dr Tom Buckley, StriveStronger’s Research Director to talk about on How to Bolster your Resilience when you’re a small business owner. Fresh from their own experiences, learn more from Andrew and Dr Tom in this article.

January 2021 in partnership with NAB Business Fit interviewed Michael Klim as the nab Business Fit podcast ambassador to talk about the Importance of Prioritizing Mental Health in 2021 as a small business entrepreneur whilst sharing about his experiences as an Olympic swimming gold medalist turned small business owner of the skin care brand Milk & Co.

22 December 2020

Small businesses have been the hardest hit by COVID-19 and the recovery process is predicted to be “slow and uneven”. Stress levels are already significantly elevated and with no clear end in sight to the effects of the crisis, there is a heightened risk of burnout for many owners and operators. Read this article here.

10 December 2020 published an article about the wellbeing program, NAB Business Fit launched by NAB with StriveStronger to support the health and wellbeing of small business owners living hectic lives. Read this article here.

10 December 2020

CEO Magazine writes another article with StriveStronger’s Founder, Andrew May discussing and sharing his experiences and life lessons on How He Built a Stronger Business through COVID-19.

4 December 2020

Mortgage Professional interviewed Andrew May to talk about Business Stress Busters you Need to Know.

2 December 2020

Lawyer’s Weekly released Andrew May’s write up about Avoiding Burnout During COVID-19 for business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, self-employed, and regular employees alike. And he gives some on some effective ways on how to ward it off.

28 November 2020

A new initiative has been set up in conjunction with NAB and Strive Stronger to help businesses and their employers with their wellbeing. Founder of StriveStronger Andrew May said the program was designed to support small business owners and their employees in their physical and psychological wellbeing.

27 November 2020

B&T featured an article where Andrew May discusses a phenomenon called Zoom Gloom and Screen Fatigue in the Era of COVID and how to combat this.

27 November 2020

CEO World published an article which was written by Andrew May discussing Why Running a Business is Survival of the Fittest.

25 November 2020

Dynamic Business has created a blog post with the title Let’s Talk: Goals. In this blog Andrew May, CEO and Founder of StriveStronger, gives his comment on how to achieve goals.

24 November 2020

Andrew May, CEO and Founder of StriveStronger, discusses the recently launched NAB Business Fit program powered by StriveStronger.

You can also view the coverage of NAB Business Fit on Sky News.