Over the past 15 years Andrew has worked across multiple industries, from complex briefs on transformation and change; to nuanced global presentations with interpreters translating to large audiences.

Industry Specific Presentations

Working as a Partner at global consulting firm, KPMG, combined with delivering an average of 50 to 60 presentations each year for the past decade – Andrew has experience working across banking and financial services, sales, real estate, building and construction, professional services, telcos, oil and gas, retail, mining and industrials, government and the military. Visit Industry Specific Overview for a full overview showing Andrew’s approach to tailoring content.

Andrew has the ability and expertise to craft a range of engaging and thought-provoking industry-specific presentations, workshops and behaviour change programs for:

  • Sales Professionals
  • Financial Advisors and Planners
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurs
  • Government and Defence
  • Farming and Agriculture
  • Sporting Associations
  • Leadership Teams
  • First Responders
Industry Specific Presentations

MatchFit for Selling

Turbo-charge sales results with rituals and routines used by athletes and high-performers.

Juggling sales quotas, global competition, disruption, being on-demand, fast turnaround, servicing customers plus trying to squeeze in a life can deplete physical and emotional energy reserves. No wonder so many salespeople feel tired and fatigued. MatchFit for Selling focuses on optimal performance of the body, brain and environment – establishing rituals and routines that position salespeople and teams for optimal success.

Sales/High Performing Teams/Communication


Coaching leaders to remain healthy, energised, productive and engaged.

Leadership requires a balance between Leadership Capacity (self-awareness and the ability to manage physical, psychological and emotional state) and Leadership Capability (coaching and influencing others). Leaders cast large shadows and their attitudes are contagious. It has never been more important for leaders to redirect attention and focus on what is important, including managing remote teams and looking for signs of burnout and fatigue.


Industry Specific Presentations
Industry Specific Presentations

Business Fit

A proven methodology to improve energy and mental health for business owners.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the Australian economy and it is important to be prepared for any challenge that might come your way – now it’s COVID, it can also be bushfires, droughts, floods, economic downturns, or challenges from competitors.

Being Business Fit is about building resilience, managing physical wellbeing, focusing on mental health, adapting to new ways of working and being productive, and future proofing to withstand any challenge that comes your way, at any time.

Small Business/Entrepreneurs/Business