Industry Specific Presentations

Industry Specific

1. Professional services

Specialists in their field, those in the professional services have the potential to
earn great money, work within a diverse range of industries, across a broad
range of countries and satiate the desire for lifeline growth, learning and

Key challenges: Time-poor, those in professional services can find themselves
overloaded with work that doesn’t add value: internal email, the sea of meetings and
managing workplace politics. They can feel stuck, perceiving they have to run with the
stream and torn between creating margin and being controlled by their diary.

They often struggle to find time to strategise and innovate and, with industry
disruption around the corner, there is a sense of ambiguity about what consulting will
look like in five to 10 years.

2. Financial advisors and planners

The chance to marry your business savvy with your interpersonal skills,
financial planners help others to build their dreams while creating their own.
The opportunity to build a leveraged business, this can be a lucrative career
that satisfies the competitive urges of the financially literate.

Key challenges: A post Royal commission world means changes in legislation,
compliance and registration, commission structure and the end of grandfathering
provisions. Disturbance from industry upheaval is further agitated by a lack of trust
amongst community. This has resulted in a sense of insecurity about the future,
particularly for the self-employed. The stress and anxiety this creates often results in
poor lifestyle choices and feeling a lack of control.

3. Real estate

A fast-paced, relationships-based industry, you get to work your own
hours and set the sky as your limit for growth and earning. Hard work is
rewarded, competitive streaks are stoked and tangible achievements
make real estate an exciting, lucrative career for anyone who considers
themselves a ‘people’ person.

Create a great connection with buyers and sellers. Clearly defined goals

Key challenges: The high energy sales environment can mean agents think they need
to be on 24/7 making burnout a common issue. Clearly defined goals and boundaries
are essential for effectiveness and sustainability. The ability to shift state and manage
energy – knowing how to pull the levers to do that – is crucial to success.

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