The Science Behind MatchFit Calculator

We built the MatchFit Calculator with a team of experts after making a thorough review of the scientific literature around optimal health, wellbeing, longevity and performance. This analysis identified seven key domains:

Physical activity
Psychological flexibility
Mental wellbeing
Performance psychology
Social connectedness

Personalised Report

After the completion of this calculator, you will receive a confidential electronic personalised report based on your answers to the calculator which shows your overall MatchFit Score based on 3 levels.

Level 1: MatchFit Score

The first level of reporting provides an overall score out of 100, indicating whether you are MatchFit, or not. The Calculator is founded on the understanding that there is an optimal way for the body and brain to work together: in harmony.

Level 2: Body and Brain

The Body score is calculated from Physical Recovery, Physical Functioning, Movement, Biological Age, Physical Activity Profile and Nutrition.

Knowing more about how your body is currently working is key to managing health, enhancing energy, tapping into the fountain of youth and keeping ‘Perfect Storms’ at bay.

The Brain score is calculated from measures of Psychological Detachment, Social Connectedness, Psychological Performance, Emotional Wellbeing and Cognitive Flexibility.

Knowing more about how your brain is currently working is key to a flourishing mind that can grow, learn, change, adapt and make meaningful connections.

Level 3: MatchFit Metrics

The third level of reporting explores the five science- based MatchFit Metrics including:

Biological Age: Indicates how well your body is functioning right now factoring physical fitness, nutrition, metabolic health and lifestyle factors that have been identified in scientific studies as major contributors to morbidity (chronic disease) and longevity.

Brain Fitness: This is not about IQ or your ability to score well in memory games; it is the psychological equivalent of physical fitness and relates to your brain’s ability to grow, learn, change and adapt to the modern world.

Stress & Recovery Index: Assesses perceived stress state and coping, psychological detachment (how well you ‘switch off’) and parasympathetic modulation (relaxation), which are essential to sustaining energy and minimising risk of burnout and fatigue.

Nutrition Barometer: Assesses knowledge and modifiable behaviours associated with hydration, alcohol and caffeine consumption, intake of vegetables, protein, fats, carbohydrates, sugar and processed foods, as well as takeaway and food preparation habits.

Physical Activity Index: Measures how much and how well you move throughout the day along with posture, mobility, flexibility and strength.

The personalised report then provides information about your strengths and suggests areas for where you can improve.