Burnout Proof Media

Burnout is a topic that is prevalent in our consulting, leadership and coaching programs.We have worked with CEO’s and entrepreneurs who work 80+ hour weeks and never burnout. Yet others have found themselves on the burnout scrapheap working 38 hours or less each week. Seeing such contrasting examples has pushed us to explore:

• What is burnout?
• Why does it happen?
• Can you take steps to avoid it

We have identified five key factors that provide inoculation against burnout, including:
1. Purpose Alignment
2. Active Recovery
3. Restorative Sleep
4. Physiological Capacity
5. Social Connectedness

We are not saying these factors ‘help you reduce burnout’ or ‘reduce the risk of burnout.’ We are making a bold declaration that if you build these 5 factors into your life you will not burn out. We have worked with top 20 ASX CEO’s and executive teams, entrepreneurs running multi-million-dollar organisations, Olympic athletes and national sporting teams, the pointy end of the military and thousands of corporate workers to corroborate our position.