Research is at the heart of everything we do

The StriveStronger Research Institute collaborates with global experts in medical science, sleep, genetics, ageing, sports science, exercise physiology, elite sport, physiotherapy, nutrition, psychology, neuroscience, technology and computer science, leadership and workplace productivity to examine biological, psychosocial and functional factors underpinning optimal human performance, leadership and wellbeing.

Lead by Andrew May and Dr Tom Buckley, StriveStronger Research Director and Associate Professor Sydney University, our vision is to be global leaders in the synthesis, evaluation and translation of evidence-based research into wellbeing, productivity and leadership. We leverage behavioural, technological and translational sciences to progress from laboratory discovery to application in the real world and we have established our own Research Institute.

Research Institute provides the background science underpinning all of our core programs; case studies from individuals and teams; and our translation on the latest human performance research.