Dr Nicola Gates

13. Dr Nicola Gates – Neuroplasticity, Struggle and Post Traumatic Growth

Neuroplasticity, Struggle and Post Traumatic Growth

Dr Nicola Gates is a registered Clinical Neuropsychologist, author and neuroscience researcher. She has 25 years of experience working with individuals, insurers, and corporations assessing and promoting optimal brain health, cognitive function and wellbeing.

Dr Nicola completed her PhD at UNSW School of Medicine and continues to research brain, body and mind health. She has written two best-selling books, A Brain for Life, and The Feel Good Guide to Menopause which provides information, case studies and lifestyle strategies to optimise health and well-being. She has written and contributed to over 45 peer reviewed research articles.

Health promotion and education are Dr Nicola’s passion as a corporate speaker and health advocate to improve brain health, optimise cognitive function, and enhance psychological well-being. She is an internationally renowned speaker at corporate forums, academic conferences and public health campaigns and a regular guest on radio and television as the ‘brain expert’, as well as a researcher with UNSW and Cochrane, and a member of the editorial board of Neuropsychology Review.

Dr Nicola is StriveStronger’s neuropsychologist and her story about overcoming personal adversity and learning from the struggles in life positions her to speak with absolute authority about learning from struggle and post traumatic growth.

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Dr Nicol Gates