8. Bill Lang – Hot Dogs, Tech Start Ups and the Heart of Small Business

Hot Dogs, Tech Start-Ups and the Heart of Small Business

A fascinating journey from selling hot dogs, to working for global consulting firms and large banks, to launching tech startups in Silicon Valley, and now as Director of Small Business Australia is one of the most prominent voices about the heart and soul of running a business.

After being inspired at a young age by his parents’ small business journey, starting his own business was only a matter of time. Bill Lang launched ‘Dr Dog’, a hotdog start-up, with fellow Melbourne Uni students with one of the best taglines “the coolest hound around, the hottest dog in town.”

Following Dr Dog he co-founded two internet businesses, FreeOnline in Australia and Sharinga Networks Inc., the San Francisco-based technology company, culminating in a $120 million global alliance with AT&T and British Telecom

Bill is an educator, coach and advisor. With an extensive career profile including working as a strategist and management consultant with KPMG, AXA, Macquarie Bank and McKinsey.
After graduating from Harvard, Bill married the girl of his dreams and raised their three energetic children in Melbourne.

As Director of Small Business Australia, Bill works tirelessly as an advocate for better conditions for small business owners; supporting them to survive and thrive.
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