25. Drew Ginn – High Performance Sport, Changing Careers and Finding a Cure for Cancer

Drew Ginn is Executive General Manager High Performance at Cricket Australia and is possibly the fittest person we’ve had on this podcast to. And that’s a big call seeing previous guest include Kieren Perkins, Justin Langer, Michael Klim, Ed Cowan and Wayne Pearce. Drew has managed to successfully transform across sports and occupations at the highest of levels. He has been to 4 Olympic Games and won 3 Gold and 1 silver medal in rowing. He broke the 24-hour Australian cycling record for the furthest distance ridden on an outdoor track and has a secret skill that only his family and close friends know about – you’ll have to listen to find out. Outside of work Drew is very passionate about staying fit on his bike, spending time with family, and finding a cure for cancer as this disease has taken the lives of close family members. You can find Drew at his LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram Go to NAB Business Fit for more Follow Andrew May Follow StriveStronger If you enjoy the podcast, we would really appreciate you leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Play. It takes less than 60 seconds and really helps us build our audience and continue to provide high quality guests.