Trent Innes

3. Trent Innes – People, Purpose and Innovation

Xero is considered Asia Pacific’s leading fintech company and is much more than an online accounting software program. Learn how Xero fosters culture, values, a people-first approach and how they even have rock songs written about accountants.

Trent Innes is the Managing Director of Xero in Australia and Asia, the global small business platform. Guided by a strong people focus, he has developed and grown Xero’s teams around a common purpose: to help small businesses to thrive. Named Managing Director of the Year in 2017 by CEO Magazine, Trent’s focus is on delivering next-level service across all aspects of Xero’s business.

Passionate about the power of using data to help policymakers make informed decisions, Trent launched Xero Small Business Insights in 2017, the first true snapshot of the sector’s health. Since launch, the insights have helped to shape thinking on the Australian small business economy.
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Trent Innes