Ross Savas

27. BITESIZE Ross Savas – Building Robust Relationships

For thousands of years humans survived in communities and fostered deep, meaningful relationships.Then we migrated from small villages to big cities and with that migration, many people lost that sense of tribe. Today’s clip is from Episode 24 with one of Australia’s most influential real estate experts, Ross Savas.

What I loved about talking to Ross is his focus on life-long relationships and sticking to old-fashioned values in the fast-moving digital world; and how a hand-written note is more powerful now than ever before.

Ross Savas is the Managing Director of Kay & Burton Real Estate, where he has worked for 26 years and in 2010 he set the record for the most expensive residential property sold in Victoria. Ross is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most influential real estate agents.

Ross has developed an exceptional work ethic and values his relationships as the most important part of his business. In an industry that is all about property, Ross is all about people.

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