NAB Business Fit Podcast | Andrew May

1. Andrew May – NAB Business Fit Prologue

NAB Business Fit is a new podcast series hosted by Andrew May.

Running a small business takes resilience, innovation and hard work. As Australia’s largest Small Business Bank, NAB is committed to supporting small business owners to build and grow successful businesses.

A business owners physical and psychological wellbeing is a key factor in ensuring they can be their best for their business, their family, their team and their community. And while this is important at any stage of a business’ growth, it becomes even more critical when facing challenging times.

To support business owners throughout the challenges they face, NAB has partnered with StriveStronger to create a program designed to help small business owners and their employees manage physical and psychological wellbeing; build resilience, adaptation and agility; provide support in relation to leading, adapting to new ways of working and the uptake of digitisation and technology.

StriveStronger is a boutique digital and media production consultancy that delivers people-centred workplace performance, coaching and leadership programs.

Andrew May is CEO and founder of StriveStronger and is recognised as one of the world’s leading performance strategists, leadership coaches and keynote speakers. He is a best-selling author, coach to CEOs, leading teams and sportspeople and a small business advocate.

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