Dr. Jemma King

Bite Size #64: Being a Stunt Double, Seeing the White House get Shelled and Getting Kidnapped in Russia – Dr Jemma King

Buckle up for this one everybody, in this Bite size episode Dr Jemma King tells us about the time she was living in Russia in her early 20’s and she has some crazy stories to tell, from being a stunt double, watching the white house get shelled and almost getting kidnapped by a taxi driver!

Jemma explains how she thinks she got the resilience from her upbringing and how the different parenting styles of her parents carried her through some tough times and being able to come out the other side smiling.

To listen to the full episode go to #42 of the Performance Intelligence Podcast.


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                                            or Websitehttps://jemmakingbio-pa.com.au/

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