Top 5 Performance Intelligence Episodes of 2022 with Andrew May

#21 Welcome To Performance Intelligence With Andrew May

Performance Intelligence Podcast – similar format, new name, exciting opportunities.

1. Why the name change?

‘Performance Intelligence’ provides a broader umbrella to explore and house content specific to ‘all things human performance.’

This aligns with my evolution as a mental skills coach to some of the world’s leading athletes, business leaders and entrepreneurs.

And Performance Intelligence is the name of the new book Dr Tom Buckley  and I are releasing in late 2023.


2. What is Performance Intelligence?

“Performance Intelligence is the ability to recognise how physical, psychological and emotional states affect work and life, and adapting environments to optimise performance.”

We have been evolving this concept for close to two decades, working with a range of high performers in multiple domains (sport, entertainment, the performing arts, academia, and the military) and Dr Tom added his medical and evidence-based lense.

You’ve heard of Intelligence Quotient (IQ), and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), we believe Performance Intelligence (PQ) is the third iteration.

Performance Intelligence applies to the way we turn up in relationships and the way we turn up at work. It applies to the way we perform in front of 10,000 people and the way we perform in front of one.

Performance Intelligence is a skill you can develop with the right training and the right mindset.


3. What does the new format look like?

Episodes are positioned into 3 broad categories, including:

a. High Performer Series: exploring the habits, tactics and strategies that have led to success for some of the world’s leading performers…

b. The Science Of: drilling down into the science of a specific performance-related construct, with leading domain experts…

c. Performer Spotlight: chatting with an individual client, a leader, or showcasing a team we have worked with and how they developed/applied Performance Intelligence…

The operating rhythm of this podcast reflects the way we work at StriveStronger and with 40 new episodes a year, aligned with the 10 weeks of each school semester (what we call the In Season) and during the holidays (the Off Season), we publish a Bite Size interviews, which are the ‘best bits’ from previous episodes.


4. In Summary

  • A podcast exploring all things human performance with world-class domain experts
  • 3 different types of interview formats
  • 40 new episodes a year, released early on a Thu morning during the In Season
  • Bite Size episodes released every Sat morn and on Thursday’s during the Off Season


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