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#37 Death by Comfort and Why the World Needs to Harden the F*ck Up – Paul Taylor

Modern humans are the most overweight, depressed, medicated and addicted cohort of adults that has ever lived. Our genome has not changed in over 45,000 years, but the world has changed enormously and there are multiple mismatches with modern life. Homo Sapiens thrived because we could hunt down prey with the tools we made, ate a range of natural foods from the environment and led highly physically lives. Now, most of us sit on our backsides all day, more than 50% of our diet is made up of ultra-processed foods and thermoneutral environments are making us soft. Comfort is literally killing us!

Paul Taylor is an exercise psychologist, nutritionist and neuroscientist who is currently completing a PhD in applied psychology. He is Director of the Mind-Body-Brain Performance Institute and is host of the MindBodyBrainProject podcast. Paul recently published his first book called Death by Comfort.

In this episode Andrew and Paul discuss:

5:00 How for the first time ever children have a lower life span than their parents

11:50 Stress and how t is

15:30 The effects of exercise on health and wellbeing

28:00 Using strength training to build muscle and add years to your life

32:55 Paul’s passionate and fiery views on food

46:25 How Paul studies and conducts research to be a ‘pracademic’

52:00 Cold water therapy (CWT(

1:05:00 Paul’s weekly wellbeing and longevity habits

1:09:15 DEXA scans and he importance of measuring data

1:12:50 Acting and exercising your age

You can find Paul at his website or instagram
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