#84 Geoff Coombes – Living a Life on Purpose, the Secret Formula for Creating a Tribe & Tour de Cure Raising $120M to Help Cure Cancer

Geoff Coombes’ story is a testament to the transformative power of purpose and the impact of connection within our communities. Geoff is co-founder of Tour de Cure, an inspiring Australian charity that have raised over $120 million, funding over 150 major scientific cancer research breakthroughs and supporting 979 cancer projects. Geoff’s contribution resulted in him being awarded the prestigious Order of Australia Medal.

After 17 years with Tour de Cure, Geoff has embarked on a new mission, STRYDE4, with the vision is to empower and amplify collaboration across charity sectors, emphasising the importance of purpose-driven endeavours and the strength of community bonds.  Geoff is a walking, talking testimony to living a life aligned with purpose and the power of connection.

In this episode Andrew and Geoff discuss:

3:30 Geoff growing up around the world, learning to fit in and riding a bike across America with little to no preparation.

11:30 Working and living across the globe, starting Tour de Cure (TDC) and raising 120 million dollars to fund 150 scientific breakthroughs in cancer research.

18:00 Tour de Cure’s early years, having a clear set of values and TDC’s signature rides.

24:20 Geoff’s favourite town to ride through, growing TDC and bringing in high level executives.

34:00 Setting up good brand deals, starting the TDC walks and the touching personal stories of people involved in TDC.

43:00 How to create a movement, the importance of being authentic and the evolution of Andrew and Geoff’s relationship.

50:00 helping people connect to reduce the loneliness epidemic, staying active as you age and cutting back on alcohol.

55:30 Finding your purpose and what that can mean for your work, Geoff’s purpose and falling into finding what you love to do.

1:04:45 Fake it until you make it, encouraging people to find mentors and being your true self.

1:10:00 Andrew and Geoff’s delusions of a career in politics, what is considered a scientific breakthrough in cancer treatment, and Geoff’s new business Stryde4

1:15:30 Having big impacts on small charities, Geoff’s goals for Stryde4 and ‘collaboration not competition’ between other charities.

1:22:00 Stryde4 day, the healthier alternative to burning man, and creating press around the event.

1:26:20 What Geoff isn’t good at, booking Geoff for a keynote and wrap up.

To find the resources mentioned in this episode go to: https://www.andrewmay.com/performance-intelligence-with-andrew-may/

You can find Geoff at his Linkedin: https://au.linkedin.com/in/geoffcoombesoam
Or at the Stryde4 Website: https://stryde4.com.au/