#47 Andrew May – The Power of Learning to Down Regulate (Coaching Corner)

We live in a world that heavily bought into Piere de Coubertin’s Olympic motto ‘Citius, Alltius, Fortius’ (Faster, Higher, Stronger) over 130 years ago. The challenge with this motto however is it never addressed core human physiological and psychological needs to periodically reduce intensity and recharge.

Join Angela Poon as she turns the tables and interviews Andrew about the vital importance of strategic down regulation. As the founder of digital wellbeing consultancy StriveStronger.com and juggling a keynote speaking, podcast and mental skills coaching business, plus being a father of four, Andrew understands how essential it is to stay composed and be present in all parts of his life.

Drawing from expertise in human biology, physiology, psychology and 25 years experience working with elite athletes and executives, Andrew takes us on a journey into the overlooked realm of strategic recovery for the body and brain.

In this episode, Angela Poon (StriveStronger Operations Director) and Andrew discuss:

4:15 The definition of down regulation and why it can feel so hard to do

11:20 Hyper-connectivity and operating rhythm of farmers as a lesson in sustainability

14:30 How infants learn to down regulate, and how you can expand energy capacity

18:45 What happens physically and psychologically when you are always ON

26:00 Difference types of brainwaves and how they impact performance

33:00 Teaching down regulation to children in school

28:45 How Andrew down regulates and stays energised during a crazy week

44:00 Andrew’s disdain for ‘hacks’

44:30 ‘Hurry Up & Relax’ –  30 sec examples of the 3x3x3 Down Regulation format to shift state

53:40 ‘Performance Moment Reset’ – 3 min recharge examples to get ready for key moments

1:00:00 ‘The Double Dip’ – 30 min examples that down regulate the body and brain

1:10:00 Angela and The Wizard’s reflections on this interview with Andrew


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