Dr Kristy Goodwin

#18 The Science Of Digital Wellbeing – Dr Kristy Goodwin

Are you a slave to your digital devices?

Dr Kristy Goodwin joins Andrew and Angela Poon, StriveStronger Operations Director on the podcast to discuss all things digital wellbeing.
Dr Kristy takes us through why we find it so hard to put our devices down and why we always feel the need to check them – no matter what we are doing!

(Hint: Behavioural scientists have purposely designed devices and apps to hijack our attention. You won’t beat them, so instead use habit-beating strategies to get control back of your attention)
We discuss tips and strategies based on neuroscience to set boundaries with our technology and to still enable us to experience life to the fullest.
Learn about Productive Work Arrangements (PWAs), Techno Tantrums, the Zero Cost of Inclusion, Social Intimate Distancing, Digital Guard Rails and Family digital Wellbeing Plans.

Dr Kristy Goodwin is a former school teacher who now educates people around the world on the effects technology has on your brain and behaviour.
Using cutting-edge research she seeks to improve her clients lives both at work and at home.

In this episode Dr Kristy, Angela and Andrew discuss:

02:13 The definition of digital wellbeing

12:11 Digital addiction stats

20:14 The cost of digital distractions

31:04 Productivity and operating rhythm

43:01 Modelling behaviours to kids

59:25 Minimising distractions in a big organisation

01:07:48 Dr Kristy’s top 5 digital wellbeing tips

You can find Dr Kristy on her Linkedin and Instagram
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