Shane Lee and Phil Kearns

#15 Lunch with Lee – Shane Lee and Phil Kearns

In a departure from the regular StriveStronger Podcast format, this episode was recorded as part of the “Lunch with Lee” podcast, where Shane Lee interviews high performers in a range of fields including sport, business. media and entertainment.

Andrew shared a conversation over lunch with Shane Lee and Phil Kearns, two former elite athletes who represented Australia in Cricket and Rugby respectively, and both have transitioned to a successful ‘second career’ in the world of business.

The trio discuss lessons from sport that can be applied to business, the ability to unlearn and park ego at the door, the joys and challenges of parenting, the art of leveraging key relationships, and the difference between being selfish and self-centered.

You can find Shane at the Lunch with Lee Podcast
You can find Phil at his Linkedin
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