Carl Honore

#34 Going Slow, Optimising the Creative Process and Learning to Love the Process of Ageing – Carl Honore

Carl Honore is a world-renowned journalist, speaker and author and is globally recognised as the godfather of the slow movement. After speed-reading a bedtime story for his son involving a scaled-down version of Snow White and the 3 Dwarfs, he had an epiphany that he was rushing through everything in life without taking the time to savour what really matters. That is how the revolutionary, best-selling book ‘In Praise of Slow’ was born. Carl’s most recent book ‘Bolder’ is about ageing, specifically how we can do it better and feel better about it.

Carl is a true global citizen growing up in Canada and studying a degree in History and Italian, he worked with street children in Brazil, and now resides in London. In this episode Andrew and Carl talk about finding a rhythm and pace in life that works for you, slowing down just enough to appreciate the people and the world around you, challenging the notion of ‘ageing’ and continuing to do what you love, and tapping into the process of creativity and how to write a book.

In this episode Andrew and Carl talk about:

4:30 What drives Carl’s writing?

8:05 Carl’s work in journalism

10:45 How Carl gets his topics and the origins of “Slow”

18:45 How to live at a fast pace slowly

24:40 Parenting in a fast paced world

31:45 The loneliness vs solitude

35:45 Carl’s writing process

46:05 Writing Bolder and ageing

57:55 Looking into the future

1:11:24 Performance Intelligence Baker’s Dozen


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