#54 Shelley Roberts – Feeding Yourself Before Feeding Millions, Backing Yourself and Transitioning to a Global Role (Coaching Corner)

Shelley Roberts is a powerhouse Andrew had the opportunity to work with, as her performance coach. Now residing in London, she is the Group Chief Commercial Officer of Compass Group, the world’s largest food and support service company. Compass is based in 40 countries, employs over 510,000 people,  and serves 5.5 billion meals each year.

Shelley’s previous roles have included Managing Director of Compass Australia, Executive Director of Tiger Airways Australia and leadership positions at Macquarie Airports, Macquarie Bank and EasyJet Airline. She is a mother, a marathon runner, and passionate crusader for all things equality.

In this episode Andrew and Shelley discuss:

4:30 Running a marathon in memory of Shelley’s dad.

8:50 Shelley’s childhood growing up in South Africa and how that has influenced her worldview of fairness and diversity.

13:30 Inspiring stories from compass staff.

17:45 How Shelley and Andrew started their coaching relationship and how it helped Shelley become more resilient and sustainable.

23:30 Shelley’s Better Week and how she has continued to follow Andrew’s coaching principles.

30:30 Shelley’s confidence and the struggles in moving to a new country.

34:15 Shelley before and after Andrew’s coaching program.

40:30 Performance Uncovered.

54:40 Andrew and Shannon Frost’s reflections.

You can find Shelley at her LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/shelley-roberts-346b9621/
                             or at the Compass Group Websitewww.compass-group.com

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