#81 Being Respected as a Person not just on your Rank, Pursuing Your Dream, and the Impact of Service and Leadership – Aus Defence Force (Coaching Corner)

Captain Brenda Youse initially dreamed of joining the Army as a wild 15-year-old, but her family wasn’t enthusiastic about this pursuit. Fast forward to age 31, after seeing ads on TV, Brenda decided to go after her dream. She became a Reserve Army Private and worked hard juggling family life, a business, and Army service, to eventually become an Officer. When Brenda experienced challenges in her personal life, she found support from her Army family.

Sergeant Joe Munro understands the importance of personal growth and team dynamics. As a farm kid growing up in the close-knit community of Binya, NSW, during the ’80s, Joe developed an early independence and a move to Wagga Wagga ignited his passion for aviation. The Air Force Cadets taught him about the importance of leadership, accountability, thorough debriefs.

Andrew’s consulting business, StriveStronger, began working with Defence over 2 years ago, piloting an innovative program training Social Mastery. Captain Brenda Youse and Sergeant Joe Munro, are two individuals dedicated to personal development, teamwork, and service. They each enrolled in the Social Mastery program and in this episode share their experience.

In this episode Andrew, Angela, Brenda and Joe discuss:

4:45 Brenda growing up in a country town with older brothers, playing rugby and joining the army at 31.

10:00 Brenda’s parenting challenges, being on purpose and having a sense of humour.

13:15 Joe growing up on a farm, adopting a goat and joining the RAF.

18:00 Going on missions to the middle east, how to support your family for months from the other side of the world and dealing with a marriage separation.

24:45 Using box breathing to deal with screaming children, getting support from those around you in difficult times and learning skills from the Social Mastery program.

32:30 Putting the needs of others before yourself, juggling multiple roles and leadership and followership.

47:15 Brenda’s advice to new recruits, transferable skills and being mindful.