Craig Tiley

#26 Tennis, Belonging and Future-Proofing Your Business – Craig Tiley

How futureproof are you and your business?

Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley joins Andrew and Ana Marinkovic from NAB Small Business Bank to discuss all things big business, small business, bouncing back from adversity and of course, tennis!

Craig shares stories from growing up in South Africa, to touring the world as a tennis player, through to now heading up one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Craig shares how key experiences earlier in life set him up with the resilience and values needed to steer Tennis Australia through the COVID pandemic

Born in South Africa, Craig Tiley comes from a family of activists and strongly believes in equality for all people. He moved to the United States to study Kinesiology as part of a tennis scholarship and went on to study Professional Tennis Management. Craig represented South Africa in tennis and also coached South Africa in the Davis Cup. Craig attributes his success to robust relationships, creating a coaching culture, and doing 3 simple things each day.

In this episode Andrew, Craig and Ana discuss:

3:30 Craig’s digital footprint and staying connected

8:01 Tennis Australia’s relationship with small businesses

10:16 How Craig futureproofed Tennis Australia and responded to COVID

15:38 Craig’s passion for tennis and building resilience

21:33 Craig’s mentors and role models

23:43 Putting your oxygen mask on first and coaching

30:08 What’s next for Craig and Tennis Australia

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