#92 Bonnie Hancock – Mindset for Success as the Fastest Person to Paddle around Australia, Braving Shark and Crocodile Infested Waters

A professional Ironwoman since 17 years of age, Bonnie Hancock paddled a surf ski 12,700 km around the Australian coastline in 2022, setting multiple world records and facing unimaginable challenges along the way.

Listen to Andrew and Bonnie talk about:

• The pivotal moment when Bonnie made the decision to paddle around Australia

• Insights on overcoming fear and embracing failure, with eye-opening experiences confronting sharks and treacherous conditions

• The importance of accountability and building a world-class support network to achieve super ambitious goals

• Anecdotes from Bonnie’s oceanic adventures and moments of profound self-discovery

• Strategies for remaining calm under pressure and maintaining focus amidst life’s unpredictable challenges

3:00 Bonnie growing up in God’s country by the beach, being inspired by iron woman athletes and helping your kids disconnect from technology.

13:30 Using vulnerability as a super power, learning to remain calm 100km out from the shore and Bonnie using every skill at her disposal when paddling around Australia.

20:15 Bonnie’s visualisation techniques she has used since childhood, doing something unique to get an unseen advantage and how to get over being nervous.

26:00 Why paddle around Australia, Bonnies biggest inspirations, and the strain on her marriage that the paddle caused.

34:30 What Bonnie would do differently if given another chance, finding it difficult to talk to her husband after a day of paddling and what it could have looked like from her husband’s perspective.

39:45 Moments when Bonnie thought she might die on the paddle, pushing through to the 1 month mark of the paddle before thinking about giving up and the mental side of ultra endurance athletes.

47:15 How Bonnie raised the money to fund the paddle, being brave enough to put yourself out there and some key lessons to break your routine.

55:55 Bonnies amazing crew, the ugly and messy side of the paddle and having to deal with regular appearances from sharks.

1:10:00 The beauty coming in hand in hand with the fear, craving normality while on the paddle and how Bonnie felt when she got back onto land.

1:18:45 What’s next for Bonnie, what she talks about in her keynotes and loving the lessons she has learned along the way.

You can find Bonnie at her Website: https://www.bonniehancock.com/

Or at her LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bonnie-hancock-0a03a0217/

Follow Bonnie on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bonniehancock/?hl=en

Or at her Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bonnie.hancock.54