Holly Ransom

#51 Holly Ransom – Leading Change, Lessons from Interviewing Global Stars and the Gift of Instantaneous Feedback

Holly Ransom has interviewed some of the world’s biggest names including Barack and Michelle Obama, Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Branson, Condoleezza Rice, Billy Jean King and Adam Grant. Hard to pin down with an exact title, she is a leading speaker, activist, disruptor, author, board director for Port Adelaide Football Club, Chair of Pride Cup Australia and is devoted to challenging LGBTQI discrimination within sporting clubs 

Recognised as a global expert in disruption and leadership, Holly was named by the AFR as one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women. Her leadership consulting firm, Emergent, works with companies in the corporate sector, non-profits, public sector and elite sport.

In this episode Andrew and Holly discuss:

5:30 The question “who are you?’ and the immediacy of working in sport

12:30 Challenging ‘normal’ stereotypes and pushing yourself to feel uncomfortable at work

16:40 Dealing with feedback, Holly’s biggest strengths, and her failed stand up comedy attempt

24:00 Preparing for big interviews (Performance Moments) and Adam Grant’s method of providing immediate feedback

30:30 How to build rapport and Holly’s interview with Barack and Michelle Obama

36:35 Holly’s worst and best interviews, and her learnings from each example

45:00 Self-Reflection and Performance Uncovered

57:45 Andrew and The Wizard’s reflections


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