#50 Phil Waugh – Performing as an Athlete, Performing in Business, and Performing in the Biggest Role of His Life as Rugby Australia CEO

Phil Waugh is the recently appointed CEO of Rugby Australia. He played 79 games for the Wallabies and 136 games for the NSW Waratahs. His preferred position was openside breakaway, where his goal was to be a menace for the opposing team’s back row.

Phil successfully transitioned to the world of banking and finance working in asset finance at CBA, moving to Head of the Covid Response and Head of Private Wealth at Westpac, then changing jersey’s again to work as an executive at NAB.

He has an extensive background as a media commentator, a trustee of the Sydney Cricket Ground, and a non-executive director of Rugby Australia. Phil is married to Abbe and is the father of 4 energetic boys. His guidance and mentoring at a Tour de Cure charity ball is one of the reasons why Andrew is also a proud father of 4.

In this episode Andrew and Phil discuss:

5:10 What Phil was like as a child, how he got into rugby and finding toughness.

8:30 Phil’s standout moment from his career and rugby’s place in Australia.

13:30 Playing with George Smith, Phil’s marriage breakdown and how he kept his mental health strong while dealing with multiple changes at the end of his playing career.

24:30 Moving into the corporate world and steps taken together to where he is now.

29:00 Conversation skills, differences between sport and the corporate world, and what it’s like to face the Haka.

33:20 Self-awareness and the ability to pause and think before answering questions,  and what makes a good coach.

37:00 Phil’s home life and how he stays connected with his family.

41:30 What success looks like as Rugby Australia CEO and working with the Rugby Australia board.

47:00 ‘Training to be a CEO’ and his experience so far.

52:40 The importance of taking quiet reflective moments and Phil’s passion for rugby.

54:50 Performance Uncovered.

1:05:00 Andrew and the Wizard’s reflections.


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