Lisa Millar and Michael Rowland

#35 Nailing Interviews on ABC News Breakfast, Digital Communication, On Air Chemistry and Staying Healthy – Michael Rowland & Lisa Millar

Michael Rowland and Lisa Millar are co-hosts on ABC News Breakfast, fronting a live TV audience every weekday morning for 3 hours. In this candid interview Michael and Lisa discuss tips on presenting both live and to a camera, how to improve interviewing technique, building a high performing team, why Michael dislikes the word ‘chemistry’, questions they have always wanted to ask each other, the importance of healthy conflict and diversity in thinking, staying healthy and fresh doing shift work, the importance of focusing on mental health/fitness, and what Michael is going to do ‘when he grows up.’

Lisa Millar is a parkrun fanatic who grew up on a dairy farm in Kilkivan and as a child spent time watching her politician father in question time at Parliament House.
Lisa previously worked as a foreign correspondent for ABC News based in London and Washington DC. Her memoir, Daring to Fly, shares overcoming a fear of flying, re-examining her childhood, and finding the joyful feeling in moments.

Michael Rowland is an enthusiastic swimmer, self-proclaimed introvert, and passionate supporter of the Western Bulldogs AFL team. He has a borderline photographic memory and is the master of live-TV dad jokes. Michael is ABC’s senior network presenter and previously worked as North America correspondent. His recently published book Black Summer covers stories of loss, courage and community from the 2019-2020 bushfires.

In this episode Andrew, Lisa and Michael talk about:

5:00 Preparing for interviews

10:00 Tips on presenting digitally

17:00 Healthy conflict

19:00 Lisa and Michael’s favourite interviews

27:00 Interviews that didn’t go so well

30:35 preparing 1 story for 7 years

35:30 5 questions about Michael and Lisa

45:00 How Michael and Lisa spend their day

55:35 Dealing with online abuse

1:00:45 Michael’s purpose

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