#52 Tadhg Kennelly & David Eccles – Dropping the Armour Around Men’s Health, Becoming Comfortable in Your Own Skin and Embracing Love

Tadhg Kennelly won both an AFL Premiership with the Sydney Swans (2005) and a Senior All-Ireland Championship medal for Kerry (2009). An Academy Coach at the GWS Giants, he is driven to help men challenge toxic masculinity.

David Eccles is a doting father and is passionate about living a healthy lifestyle, music, and sport.

Together, these two Irish lads founded WNOW (When No One’s Watching), an award-winning free support program for men’s mental health. WNOW are committed to making a difference in the world by helping men feel comfortable in their own skin by becoming better people; better fathers, partners, sons, brothers, and mates.

In 2022 they were awarded the NSW Mental Health Commission’s community champion award, for their service to men’s mental health.

In this episode Andrew, David and Tadhg discuss:

5:00 Tadhg’s story, David’s important phone call and the origin of WNOW.

20:30 The growing loneliness epidemic and fostering resilience in kids.

27:00 David and Tadhg’s parents, making the conscious choice to be different to their dads and Tadhg’s resentment towards Australia during his playing career.

34:15 The WNOW circle of trust .

42:30 What David’s dad would think of WNOW, David’s life changing experience during the troubles.

47:00 Tadhg and David’s experience telling their friends and family they love them, David’s best friend dying and Andrew, David and Tadhg’s experiences with suicide in friends and family.

54:00 The positive effects of WNOW and sharing your troubles and successes.

1:01:45 Trip to Mt Kosciuszko with Ciaran Gribbin, David’s text to his mum and the first sessions of WNOW and the circle of trust.

1:06:00 Who pays for the coffees, aspirations to have 10 million men regularly attending and options for women wanting to attend.

1:13:30 Performance Uncovered.

1:22:50 What Andrew has got from WNOW, sharing about his dad.


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