#62 Dr Ben Hamer – The Future of Work, Life, Sport and Sex

Dr. Ben Hamer is Chief Futurist and Head of Future of Work Advisory at CreativeCubes.Co. He is Adjunct Professor at Edith Cowan University’s Centre for Work and Wellbeing and has left his mark at the World Economic Forum and Yale University as a Visiting Scholar.

Ben is a Non-Executive Director on the Australian HR Institute’s Board and he has taught both undergraduate and postgraduate courses at leading Australian universities, he regularly features across Australian media providing expert commentary on the Future of Work.

Ben is an Australian representative netball player, he colour blocks his outfits and uses politically incorrect humour as a defence mechanism. In this wide-ranging interview, that totally gets off track a few times, we explore what the future of work, life, sport and even sex is going to look like forty years from now.


In this episode Andrew and Ben discuss:

3:30 What is a futurist, drawing inspiration from the Jetsons and using Sci-Fi to predict the future.

12:30 Why did people fail to predict COVID, being an optimistic futurist and Ben’s career path.

18:00 How kids are growing up today, how work will look in the future and looking after yourself to make better decisions.

28:30 New jobs emerging, changes in existing jobs and shifting employee priorities.

35:30 The 4 day work week, working from anywhere vs working in the office and what technology will look like in the next decade.

48:30 Making connections online, AI girlfriends and boyfriends and the adoption rate of newer technologies.

58:00 Introverts and extroverts with technology, how our lifestyle and fitness will change and watching sport in the metaverse.

1:08:00 The rise in alternative sports, exoskeleton use in manual labour and tracking sports performance with technology.

1:15:30 Designer babies, the future of sex and how society will change.

1:26:00 Performance Uncovered.

1:38:30 Andrew and the Wizard’s reflections.



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