Holly Ransom

Bite Size #86 – How Holly Ransom Prepares to Interview Rockstars like Barrack & Michelle Obama, Richard Branson, Adam Grant, Billy Jean King & Malcolm Gladwell

In this Bite Size from episode #51, Holly Ransom explains how she prepares for rockstar interviews with global leaders like Sir Richard Branson, Barrack and Michelle Obama, Condoleezza Rice, Adam Grant, Billy Jean King and Malcolm Gladwell. Holly has interviewed a diverse range of high performers in multiple fields, and she goes into detail on how she prepares leading up to the interview, and her process of reflecting after.

Holly outlines how she finds information on her interviewees, how she builds rapport and trust, and how sometimes on the day things can take a turn and just need to throw everything out, back yourself, and be prepared to go with the flow.

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