#88 The Science & Formula Behind Building Winning Teams with Collingwood FC Sport Psychologist Jacqui Louder

Jacqui Louder is an accomplished Sport Psychologist known for her work with the reigning AFL premiers, the Collingwood Football Club, and she has also worked with the Melbourne Storm when they won NRL premierships. With a wealth of experience including roles at the National Institute of Circus Arts and active involvement with Motorcycling Australia, Jacqui brings a unique perspective to her work.

From navigating the pressures of sustained success to fostering cultures of trust and continuous improvement, Jacqui is at the forefront of shaping mental resilience for athletes at the highest level. Join us as we explore the insights and wisdom of Jacqui Louder, a driving force behind the psychological wellbeing of some of Australia’s most elite athletes.

In this episode Andrew and Jacqui discuss:

5:00 Jacqui growing up knowing she wanted to be a sports psychologist, working hard for 1000’s of hours to gain experience and bring strategic in your study.

12:45 How to be like Jacqui, the shift from deficit to skills in sports psychology and having a degree doesn’t give you all the knowledge you need.

19:15 How to create a winning team, taking 3 years to have an impact and focusing on people, players and then skillset.

 26:30 Going to work everyday with a smile on your face, the 5 topics Jacqui could write about for a book and making sure you evolve in your practise.

33:00 Verbal and Emotional sides to culture, understanding organisations and Jacqui burning herself out trying to do too much.

42:20 Passion vs obsession, young people struggling to downregulate and Jacqui joining Collingwood.

48:30 Embedding a mental skills program into your organisation, how Jacqui works with the team during the season and building trust in formal vs informal situations.

54:15 What Jacqui learned during the offseason, the importance of reflection and what makes Collingwood coach Craig McRae special.

1:02:05 Sitting on the bench with the players during the games, taking the sport out of mental skills and corporate examples of mental skills.

1:11:30 Unhealthy conflicts in organisations, losing staff vs retaining staff and Jacqui’s cake making hobby.

You can find Jacqui at her LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/jacqui-louder-74680a4a

Or her website: https://www.opsmc.com.au/person/jacqui-louder/

You can also find Jacqui’s cake decorating: https://www.instagram.com/jacquilouder/