Padraig O’Sullivan

#13 Perseverance, Core Values and Leadership Habits – Padraig O’Sullivan

Have you ever been down to the last $20 in your bank account?

Padraig O’Sullivan started out as a prospective priest in Ireland, moving to nursing in one of the UK’s top heart health clinics and eventually moved to Australia where he found himself with a total of $24.45 in his bank account, Pod has definitely seen the ups and downs of life.

Padraig is a coach and consultant working with some of Australia’s top companies and executives to push them into performing even better than they thought possible.

He is also a podcaster with his incredibly popular weekly podcast “The Leadership Diet” always sitting in the tops of the podcasting charts.

In this podcast Andrew and Pod discuss the value of money as a barometer for success, why different styles of leadership are important for the goal of your business, the common habits of successful people and much more.

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